Reasons to why you need Bicycle Insurance

People have a tendency to do something or believe in something just because a person they trust or love is doing it or believing in it. This can be looked at from a positive light or a negative light depending upon the action or belief. It is definitely positive when it comes to people insuring their bicycles because they have seen their parents insure their vehicles. However, knowledge always empowers, which is why it can come in very handy for you if you know the fundamental reasons why you should insure your cherished best bicycle insurance.

1. Law:The first and, debatably, the most important reason why you need a cycle insurance policy is that, in the UK, it is against the law to ride a bike on public highways that has not been insured appropriately. In fact, this law is not only limited to two wheelers but also includes four wheelers. The law is listed in the Road Traffic Act which was implemented by the government in 1988. Hence, being on the right side of the law is one reason for getting your bike insured.

cyclist best insurance2. Accidents:Another crucial reason why you need to insure your precious bicycle is the ever present danger of some kind of damage to your cycle resulting from some unfortunate type of accident. The cost of repairing the damages of one such accident can single-handedly break the proverbial back of your financial future. Resultantly, protecting your long term financial stability is also a reason, it is very important that you obtain the proper coverage for your bike.

3. Legal action:The flip side of an accident is that you could end up injuring a fellow driver or even pedestrians. Apart from the humanitarian reasons, there is another reason why this should be avoided. The other reason is that the said victim can end up suing you for damages to his property and even to himself. Such a case can stretch on for ages and may even end up in you being ordered to pay compensation. Therefore, avoiding the implications and ramifications of such lawsuits is another driving force behind the sales of insurance policies.

4. Theft:Although in a well protected city and an especially alert owner the chances of the cycle being stolen are low, it is still a threat because bicycles are inherently easier to steal than a car. If your uninsured bike does get stolen then you would not only end up losing the already invested money but may also have to invest more on another mode of transport. Effectively, to beat the chances of this double ‘whammy’, insurance becomes important.

If you actually sit down and calculate the financial fallout of buying a bicycle insurance policy, you will realise that, at the end of the day, you are saving a lot more money than spending. The reason behind this is that you cannot avoid all the above situations forever and the mental stress of always keeping an eye out for the above situations can also become taxing. Hence, you should insure your cycle with a quality bicycle insurance policy.